Статьи / Выпуск №1 2016 год

Evaluation of medical and social efficiency of complex information system of eurosurgical department in a multidisciplinary hospital.
Авторы: Орлов А.С., Ластовецкий А.Г.
The working-out of decision rule for differential diagnostics of non-neoplastic lesions and superficial epithelial gastric neoplasia based on videoendoscopy.
Авторы: Эрендженова К.Ю., Раузина С.Е., Бунцева О.А., Плахов Р.В, Федоров Е.Д.
Unique state information system in the health care: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Авторы: Зарубина Т.В.
Priorities of researches of public health and health care.
Авторы: Кича Д.И., Пачгин И.В.
The scientific discipline «Public health and health care» from the position of system approach.
Авторы: Данцигер Д.Г., Андриевский Б.П., Махов В.А.
The general characteristics and tendencies of the population disability in the Perm region for 2005-2014.
Авторы: Шилова С.П.
The results of comparative evaluation of Ufa city population morbidity and mortality caused by cerebrovascular diseases before and after implementation of medical aid improvements.
Авторы: Шарафутдинова Н.Х., Мухаметзянов А.М, Павлова М.Ю.,Киреева Э.Ф
The gradation of the categories of urgency and call an ambulance.
Авторы: Тарычев В.В.
Modern trends in the health of the urban population of the Samara region.
Авторы: Суслин С.А., Никольская О.Г., Шешунова Р.А
Modernization of the calculation of the material and technical equipment of rural public health with the means of the information texnologies.
Авторы: Созонов А.И.
The prognosis of morbidity indices with blood circulatory systems diseases in adult population of the Udmurt republic.
Авторы: Попова Н.М., Максимов Н.Н., Попов А.В.
Organization questions of distant trainings of health personnel at remote health points on emergency medical aid.
Авторы: Орлов О.И., Мамонова Е.Ю., Леванов В.М., Калинина М.Ю.
Ranking of the territories of the Republic of Bashkortostan according to natural population movement indicators.
Авторы: Мустафина Г.Т., Латыпов А.Б., Салахов Т.Э., Валиев И.Р.
The organization of the medical and sanitary help to the workers of “Urengoy drilling” branch of ltd “Gasprom grilling”.
Авторы: Кривощеков А.П.
About the expirience of doctors’ training organization in the Kurgan region by the instructors of sbei hpe the Tyumen state medical university of the ministry of public health of the russian federation.
Авторы: Дюльдин В.А., Мазеин Д.А.
The pecularities of diabetes mellitus spreading in male and female different aged groups in the Tyumen region.
Авторы: Долгинцева Н.В.
Informative technologies in the complex estimation of restorative medicine and rehabilitation efficiency.
Авторы: Долгинцев В.И., Костров В.И., Исматуллин Г.И.
The development of public health system in the Tyumen region: the scientific ground, the conception approach, the perspective of the development
Авторы: Долгинцев В.И.
The experience of the systemic approach to the process of medical staffing in the medical and prophylactic institutions.
Авторы: Горбачев М.В., Одинцова С.В.
To the question concerning the results of public health reforms in Russia.
Авторы: Гасников В.К.
Staff training is one of the components for the formation and the development of palliative help to population.
Авторы: Воронова Е.А., Подлужная М.Я.
The analysis of the premature mortality in the Perm region.
Авторы: Воронова Е.А., Подлужная М.Я.